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BIRDING IN TAIWAN, 3rd-7th May 2006

Kijja Jearwattanakanok

 Chiangmai, Thailand


It was less than one month before the trip when we decided to have a birding trip to Taiwan. Our group, my son (Ayuwat), Dr. Rangsrit Kanjanavanit, Dr. Suparat Kanjanavanit, and I, did research on the internet and the Lonely Planet to plan for the trip. As our trip was to be a very short one, good planning was crucial. We found that this website ( is the most helpful source of information on birding in Taiwan. We are indebted to Jo Ann MacKenzie and Simon Liao for their suggestion and arrangement for this trip.


The first birding site of our trip was Huisun Forest Station. The magnificent Formosan Magpie and the brilliant Maroon Oriole (we later called it ‘Scarlet Oriole’!) made a warm welcome to us at the Huisun Gate. When we checked in at the hotel, we were amazed to see a Malayan Night-Heron walking in the hotel garden at close range.


Next day we moved to Chingjing, passing the beautiful landscape of the central mountain range of Taiwan.  Vinous-throated Parrotbill, Collared Finchbill, and Steere’s Liochchla were easily seen near the Chinjing Resort, where we stayed for two nights. Birding at the famous Blue Gate Trail #1, we saw more endemic species, White-eared Sibia, Yellow Tit, Taiwan Yuhina, Swinhoe’s Pheasant, and Taiwan Partridge. Bird of the trip, Collared Bush-Robin, was seen at the narrow road separating Blue Gate Trail #1 from Blue Gate Trail #2.


At higher elevation, without disturbance of rain and fog, we were lucky on the last day to see Vinaceous Rosefinch, White-whiskered Laughingthrush, Streak-throated Fulvetta, and our last endemic species, Flamecrest. After that, we drove back to the airport on time to return to Thailand.



Although our birding trip in Taiwan was only a short one, we were impressed by the beautiful landscape and forest, the hospitality of people we met (both at Taiwan and the Internet), the quality of accommodation (Thanks to Jo Ann and Simon, again), and the Birds.